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Clinics - Psilocybin Sessions


We have just partnered up with Psychedelic Insights. And are now proud to announce our new information regarding these guided psychedelic experiences.

Guided private psychedelic sessions; Theyare here to facilitate you with a personal, authentic, individual, safe but significantly profound life experience: Private psilocybin sessions with a personal female & male guide team.

The truffles have an EU food-safety certification and are not toxic, addictive and you cannot over-dose. They provide the psychological guidance and the truffles are donated. Psychedelic Insights is a Limited (a Dutch BV) company and operates fully legal and we work with professional psychedelic coaches. They do not medicalize, make prognoses, cure or heal.


Private guided psilocybin day sessions

One day private sessions are the Psychedelic Insights core, life changing service. We are here to support you with an authentic, individual, safe and profound life experience.

We’ll advice you to book your stay in a beautiful and peaceful environment where you can reflect and be yourself. Your personal coach team (m/f) will help you with all your questions, concerns and hopes during the preparation before, during and after your truffle session. We’re here for you during your entire process of change.

  • Introduction, preparation and Intention setting call with psychedelic coaches

  • One private session day with 2 x psychedelic coaches; Always a female & male team

  • 4 x integration coaching calls to “solidify” the breakthroughs and psychedelic insights with your coaches

  • From EUR 1995
    (Coach team m/f, preparation, truffles, session day, integration coaching)

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